Businesses require specialised financial advisory services for shareholders, management, key individuals and staff alike. We provide a holistic service to businesses covering all the aforementioned aspects of their needs.

We have experience in the provision of inhouse financial advisory services to employees of corporate customers. These services have typically been used by corporate clients when either going through restructuring exercises (with a particular focus on preservation of retirement benefits) or general staff financial wellness exercises.

Employee Benefits

One of the most time-consuming, and important, elements of business management is ensuring the wellbeing of employees.

This involves’:

  • Retirement Provision
  • Retirement Benefit Preservation (individual and bulk),
  • Group Risk (life and disability insurance)
  • Investments
  • Healthcare
  • Staff Retention
  • Productivity Improvement.

Our many years of experience allow us to facilitate the establishment of new employee benefit schemes as well as the transferring of individual and group scheme benefits with ease. Our objective is to seamlessly facilitate the integration of all employee benefits into your business, no matter the size.

Business Continuation

As business owners we understand the importance of the following in ensuring the continuation of our business:

  • Key Person Insurance
  • Buy and Sell Agreements and Insurance
  • Loan Account Protection (and redemption)

We work together with entrepreneurs and business owners to secure the future of their businesses, and thus their families and employees, should a catastrophic event occur.

Fiduciary Partnerships

JBL has some long-standing associations with trustees who have a fiduciary responsibility to protect and grow trust assets for the benefit of trust beneficiaries. We manage investments according to mandates specified by trustees of the trusts, each one tailor made to satisfy the objective of individual trusts and beneficiaries. Each bespoke solution is reported upon by JBL advisors who attend regular trustee.