Our Investment Process

We complete a comprehensive financial analysis for all our full-service individual clients. The analysis will highlight how to optimise your financial position, protect what you have and ultimately reach your financial goals. Your financial “roadmap” will be revised annually so as to ensure that you are always on track.

Investing can bring you many rewards, but it is a process that takes perseverance and commitment. Our aim is to help you protect and build your wealth over the long term. That’s why the relationship you and your financial advisor establish is based on much more than equities and bonds. It’s a unique, life-planning partnership, one that responds and changes as events in your life change. Whether you are planning your own retirement or preserving your estate for your heirs, ongoing communication with your financial advisor ensures that he or she can adjust your portfolio as circumstances in your life may require.

Establishing your financial objectives is by far the most important step in the investment process. The primary catalysts in determining how your financial advisor will distribute your assets are your return objectives, risk tolerance and timeframe. These three factors will become the blueprint from which your financial advisor will work.

Utilizing a variety of technical and fundamental research resources within and outside JBL your financial advisor is able to select investment ideas from some of the brightest minds in the industry in order to achieve your stated objectives. Our investment committee meets regularly in order to revise our house-views used in constructing our client portfolios. Our research helps us pick the best funds from various sectors which would be used in constructing your portfolio.

Driven by vision and discipline, your financial advisor will guide your portfolio through the most challenging of markets. He or she will not only monitor the events that shape your life and your financial goals, but those trends and developments that shape the global investment environment, drive our economy and ultimately affect your portfolio’s performance. This is a direct partnership and the lines of communication are always open. This will ensure that your investments are always placed in the optimum portfolio given your investment objectives.