Richard Lascaris

Richard is the son of well-known advertising executive, Reg Lascaris, which has prompted most people to ask “why not advertising?” He answers that it is due to the fact that he has a passion for finance, through which he can help people realise their dreams.

In 2000 after having joined Liberty Life in 1998, Richard decided to start his own fully fledge independent financial planning practice. He wanted to develop a high level financial advisory practice with full independence as an alternative to traditional private banks and assurance houses. Jorgensen Lascaris Financial Services was formed back in 2000, which later became JBL Wealth Management due to the expansion of the business to other major cities such as Durban and Cape Town. Richard is a firm believer that in the financial services industry independence is the key to getting good advice, coupled with great results. Richard is married with three children.